16th World Conference on Seismic Isolation, Energy
Dissipation and Active Vibration Control of Structures
Russian Federation, St.Petersburg 1-6 July, 2019
Papers list

1. Sachie K., Yoshihisa K., Kazuhiko I., Akira F.

A measure against huge earthquakes using oil damper with variable resistance force depending on displacement


Energy Dissipation and Seismic Response Evaluation of Semi-rigid Steel frames at Various Performance Levels

3. Adzhemyan A., Benzoni G., Lomiento G.

Experimental Model for Double Concave Sliding Bearings

4. Yang C.Y., Ma Y.C.

Applying hybrid test method in studying seismic response of frame structure with self-centering energy dissipation device

5. Jieming Ding, Honglei Wu, Changjia Chen

Discussion For Key Issues Of Isolation Technology Applied In Long-Span Complex Buildings

6. Demin FENG, Takafumi MIYAMA, Wenguang LIU

Certification system of seismic isolation devices in Japan

7. Voudrisli M.

Seismic Evaluation of a Reinforced Concrete School Building Retrofitted with Steel Bracing System

8. Whittaker D.

Recent developments in New Zealand in seismic isolation, energy dissipation and vibration control of structures (2019)

9. Nawrotzki P., Kostarev V., Siepe D., Morozov D.

3-D Base Control Systems for the Seismic Protection of Structures

10. Cavdar E., Ozdemir G.

On the maximum ground motion direction and response of seismically isolated structures

11. Sato D.

Estimation Method of Tensile Strain of Laminated Rubber Bearings and Bending Moment of Foundation Beam for Seismically Isolated Building

12. Kou Miyamoto

An extended equivalent-input-disturbance approach for active structural control focusing on absolute acceleration and inter-story-drift angle

13. Yinli C., Daiki S., Kou M., Jinhua S.

Design Method for Base-isolation structure combined with Active Control Based on the Limitation Conditions of the Responses and Control Force

14. Furinghetti M., Pavese A.

Comparison Between Radial And Bidirectional Responses Of A Base Isolated Building Equipped With Concave Surface Slider Devices

15. Reyna R., Munoz A., Zavala C., Diaz M.

Numerical Simulation Of Low-Cost Seismic Isolator Using Different Hysteresis Models

16. Ue.H, Yamagami.S, Misu.M, Takayama.M

Performance Verification of Seismic Isolation Devices Used in a Base-Isolated Building for 30 Years


The Characteristics of the Rubber Bearing with Tin Plug

18. Wu A.C., Tsai K.C., Chen L.W.

Experimental study on out-of-plane stability of buckling-restrained braces

19. Li Z.J, Li X.H, Xu X.L, Huang W.G, Cheng M.M

Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of Isolated Bearings of Continuous Girder Bridge under Far-field Long Period Ground Motion

20. Jiang H.J., Li S.R.

Study of RC coupled shear wall with replaceable components

21. Wake T., Kikuchi M., Ishii K.

New evaluation formulae for shear strength of Lead-Rubber Bearings

22. Chalarca B., Filiatrault A.

Seismic Performance of Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Retrofitted with Linear and Nonlinear Viscous Dampers

23. Jian Xu, Xiaobing Wu, Jingwei Zhou, Dingsong Zhou, Jia Zhou

Application of Viscous Dampers in Seismic Design of A Hospital  in Sichuan

24. Ishii K., Kikuchi M.

Mechanical behavior of sliding bearings for seismic isolation under cyclic loading

25. Bhandari M., Gupta A., Bharti S. D., Shrimali M. K.

Seismic Performance Of Base-Isolated Frame Subjected To Near-Field Earthquakes

26. Mohammed S.A., Somala S.N., Reddy G.R.

Seismic Metamaterials for isolating critical infrastructure from Rayleigh waves

27. Yakut A., Akyuz U., Cabuk E., Murota N., Suzuki S.

Comparision Of Modeling Approaches For  High Damping Rubber Bearings

28. Ozdemir S., Yakut A.

A Comparative Study On Methods Of Analyses For Seismically Isolated Buildings 

29. SUN Z., WANG S.G., LIU W.Q., DU D.S., ZHANG Z.T.

Mid-story Seismic Isolation Design and Dynamic Analysis of SOHO Ginza

30. Kikuchi M., Ishii K., Kato H., Nakamura M.

An analytical model for low-shear modulus high-damping rubber isolation bearings under large shear deformation

31. Lin J.L.

Top-story mass dampers for seismic control of inelastic asymmetric-plan buildings

32. Huber P.

Seismic Isolation Protection System for the 1081-Bed Eskişehir City Hospital in Turkey

33. Shuguang W.,

Shaking table tests of masonry structures strengthened with external prefabricated  reinforced concrete wall and with adding-story isolation

34. Dongsheng D.

Evolutionary power spectral model for the fully non-stationary ground motions and its engineering application

35. Cao S.L., Wang Z., Xu Y., Jia L.Y.

Seismic Design of a widened and reconstructed T-beam girder bridge

36. Wang Z., Xu Y., Chen L., Yan H., Cao S.L., Jia L.Y.

Seismic Isolation Design of the Main Bridge of Songpu Bridge

37. JIanzhong Li,  Nailiang Xiang

Simplified method of designing an innovative seismic isolation system for highway bridges: analytical study and experimental validation

38.  Meng X

Dynamic Response of liquid storage tank with bearing isolation on elastic soil

39. Guan Z. G.

Experimental investigation on seismic behavior of bridges with pile-group foundations allowing uplift and rocking of pile cap

40. Guorong Li, Ding Zhou, Xuehong Li

Transverse vibration and buckling analysis of thin circular plate under arbitrary in-plane load

41. Morita K., Takayama M.

Experimental Study on Structural Characteristics of Foundations  Attached to the Laminated Rubber Bearing

42. Ogino N.O., Kikuchi M.K., Okamoto M.O.

High-performance oil dampers for seismically isolated structures to counter extremely strong earthquake ground motions

43. Sorace S., Terenzi G.

Dissipative bracing and base isolation design solutions for new prefab R/C structures

44. WANG Jue, Changzhou

Simplified Model for the Seismic Analysis of a Soil- Long Pile Group-Structure System

45. Antonopoulos T.A., Anagnostopoulos S.A.

Seismic Protection of Existing Open Ground Story RC (Pilotis) Buildings: A Proposed Simplified Model for Optimum Partial Strengthening Solutions

46. Aijun Ye, Lianxu Zhou

Experimental Investigation on transverse steel damper seismic system for cable-stayed bridges under earthquake sequences

47. Terenzi G., Costoli I., Sorace S., Spinelli P.

Application of an energy-based design procedure to the design of fluid viscous devices in a dissipative bracing-based seismic retrofit intervention

48. López-Almansa F., Piscal Arévalo C.M.

Proposal of a design code for seismic isolation of buildings in Colombia

49. Mendo A., Fernández-Dávila V.

Proposal For The Design Displacement Estimating Of Seismic Isolation Systems In Peru

50. Wang K.J., Chuang M.C., Tsai K.C., Li C.H., Chin P.Y., Chueh S.Y.

A hybrid simulation on a steel panel damper substructure with online model updating

51. Hamaguchi H., Yamamoto S., Wake T., Kikuchi M.

A Seismic Isolation System with High Safety Margin in Earthquakes Exceeding Design Level

52. Takayama M., Morita K.

Finite Element Analysis of Laminated Rubber Bearing Compressed by Steel Column with Smaller Cross Section Area than Rubber Bearing

53. Kinoshita T.

Suggestion of Damping Systems for Chandeliers

54. De Domenico D., Ricciardi G., Montanini R., Quattrocchi A., Borsellino C., Benzoni G.

Experimental thermo-mechanical behavior of double curved surface sliders under bidirectional excitation

55. De Domenico D., Deastra P., Ricciardi G., Sims N.D., Wagg D.J.

Improved seismic base isolation combined with fluid inerter and tuned mass damper

56. Lapin V.A.

Comparative Analysis Of The Effect Of Seismic Isolation By Means Of Stations Of Engineering Seismometric Service On Buildings

57. WANG, Y.M, MA, A.C, TAN, P.

Eccentricity Influence on Coupling Response and Damage Amplification of Curved Bridges in Earthquakes

58. Volkan Ozsarac, Shaghayegh Karimzadeh, Aysegul Askan

omparison of structural responses for a base isolated building under real and simulated records

59. Nefize Shaban, Shaghayegh Karimzadeh, Aysegul Askan

Investigation On The Effectiveness Of Dampers For Retrofitting Through Seismic Response Analyses Under Real And Simulated Motions

60. Jeong Y.H., Song J.K., Hong J.Y., Lee C.J.

Seismic Fragility Analysis of Existing Old Bridges Retrofitted by Seismic Isolation System in South  Korea

61. Peng T.B., Ni Y.H.

A New Seismic Design Method of Simply Supported Girder Bridges for Very Rare Ground Motions in the Transverse Direction

62. Yerzhanov S.

On some issues of taking account of the interaction of seismically isolating pile  foundations with foundation soil under seismic effects

63. Bharti S. D. , Bhandari M., Jaswant N. Arlekar, Murty C V R, Ram Niwas Sharma

Seismic Performance Of Fixed Base And Base-Isolated Building Frame

64. Bharti S. D. , Bhandari M., Shrimali MK, Datta TK, Ram Niwas Sharma, C V R Murty

Seismic Performance Evaluation By Capacity Spectrum Method For Base-Isolated Frames

65. Pavlidou C., Komodromos P.

Influence of earthquake characteristics on the peak seismic response of a base isolated steel building

66. Mavronicola E, Komodromos P.

Investigation of potential pounding of base isolated buildings under strong near-fault earthquake excitations

67. Suryadi T., Sihite T

Seismically Isolated Structure with Lead Rubber Bearing Case Study: Elevated Toll Jakarta-Cikampek II Project

68. Wei Gong, Shishu Xiong, Ping Tan

Shaking table test of pseudo-negative-stiffness control of a base isolated building employing MR damper

69. Kim Y.S, Kim G.C

The Seismic Response Analysis of Keel Arch according to Vertical Ground Motion

70. Chung-Han Yu, Shiang-Jung Wang, Kuo Chun Chang

Beyond Design Performance of Viscoelastic Damper

71. Mohamed Noureldin, Kim Jinkoo

Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Structures Retrofitted with Self-Centering Pre-Cast Concrete Frames

72. Vern S., Shrimali M.K., Bharti S.D., Datta T.K.

Response Control of Base Isolated Liquid Storage Tank under Tri-directional Earthquake


Seismic Energy Dissipation In Semi-Rigid Connected Steel Frames


Semi-Active Control Using Mr Dampers For Random Ground Motion

75. Wijanto S., Sengara I.W., Mulyadi S.S., Widiada N.K.

The Mw 7.4 Palu Earthquake of September 28, 2018

76. Shiang-Jung Wang, Kuo-Chun Chang, Chung-Han Yu, Cho-Yen Yang, Wang-Chuen Lin

Recent Progress and Experience in Taiwan on Passive Control Technology and Applications

77. Lu, Lyan-Ywan, Lin, Ging-Long, Hsiao, Kun-An, Wong, Ka Fung, Chen, Yi-Siang

An inertial-type vertical isolation system with a smart friction damper for seismic protection of equipment

78. Elias S. , Rupakhety R., Olafsson S.

Effectiveness of Non-Linear Tuned Mass Absorbers and Tuned Liquid Absorbers for Control of Buildings under Earthquakes

79. Bongiovanni G., Buffarini G. , Clemente P., Saitta F.

Retrofit Of Existing Buildings With Seismic Isolation: Design Issues And Applications


Development and Revision of the European Standard  EN 15129 on Anti-Seismic Devices

81. Zhijun Lyu

Numerical Evaluation of the Seismic response of steel storage rack Beam-to-Column Connections by Finite Element Analysis

82. Bal I. E., Smyrou E., Sadan O. B., Tuzun C.

Use of Base Isolation Systems against Induced Earthquakes: Case of Groningen

83. Erdik M.O.

State Of The Art On Application, R&D And Design Rules For Seismic Isolation And Energy Dissipation In Turkey

84. Ristic J., Ristic D., Behrami R.

The New Uniform Vf-Energy Dissipation Device: Prototype Testing

85. Behrami R., Prishtina, Ristic D., Hristovski V.

The New Uniform Vf-Energy Dissipation Device: Refined Modelling

86. Jagtap P. S., Jain R., Matsagar V. A.

Seismic Performance of Floor-Mounted Secondary Systems Housed in Real-Life Base-Isolated Building on Double Curvature Friction Pendulum System

87. Simbort E.G., Pinto G.

Improvement of Seismic Performance in Educative RC Building Using Innovative Earthquake – Resistant System

88. Simbort E.G.

Application of Base Isolation for Retrofitting of Educational Building with Masonry Walls in Peru

89. Pinto G., Simbort E.G.

Seismic Performance of Curved Isolated PC Bridges Based in Displacement

90. Pinto G.

Seismic Response Control of Cable-Stayed Bridge Incorporate energy dissipation systems

91. Gokce T., Yuksel E., Orakdogen, E.

The Development Of A Seismic Isolaton Device For High Voltage Porcelain Isolators

92. Gokce T., Sahin B., Orakdogen, E., Yuksel E.

Seismic Response Prediction And Ground Motion Selection By Using Intensity Measures For Base Isolated Buildings

93. Sadan B., Tuzun C., Gokce T., Sahin B.

Seismic Retrofit Design Of Buildings Of A School Campus In Istanbul By Dissipative Towers

94. Sadan B., Erdik M., Tuzun C., Ozcanli M.E.

Tensile Behavior Of Rubber Isolators And Solutions To Overcome Tension Problem

95. Kaya M.

Techniques for Seismic Strengthening of Historical Monuments

96. Taiki Saito, Kazuhiro Hayashi, Ryuto Doi

Shaking Table Test to Verify a New Seismic Response Control System Using Block & Tackle

97. Liu Z.J., Lin T.K., Lu L.Y.

Development and Application of a Variable Stiffness Isolation System Considering Ground Motion Characteristic

98. Smirnova L.N., Sukonnikova T. V.

The Experience Of Bridge Seismic Isolation In Russia

99. Mori T., Maruyama K., Kato H. and Murota N.

Deformation-History Integral Type Hysteresis Model Considering Performance Change For High-Damping Rubber Bearings

100. Tuzun C., Sadan B., Erdik M.,  Murota N.,  Suzuki S.,  Akkar S.

A Feasibility Study Of Seismic Isolation Application In Residential Buildings In Turkey

101. Inoue Y, Kushibe A, Umemura K, Sawaguchi T, Otsuka H, Chiba Y

Tensile and Low-cycle Fatigue Properties of Fe-15Mn-4Si-10Cr-8Ni Alloy for Fatigue-Resistant Seismic Dampers

102. Kushibe A, Inoue Y, Umemura K, Nakamura T, Sawaguchi T, Ohtsuka H, Chiba Y

Cyclic Loading Tests of Fatigue-resistant Fe-Mn-Si-Based Alloy Seismic Damper

103. Li Che, Xue Yan-tao, YAN Wei-ming

Study on damping effect of variable friction damper with butterfly hysteretic curve

104. Ye D.H., Chen Y.Y., Qian Z.C., Huang X.Y., Tan P.

Seismic Performance of Nonlinear Energy Sink with Negative Stiffness and Sliding Friction

105. Jie GAO

Experimental Study  of  variable stiffness seismic isolator of Series connection

106. Jie GAO

Experimental study of seismic behavior of precast concrete layered slab and beam to column interior jonts

107. Sartori, M., Barone, S.

Seismic Isolation And Post-Tensioning: A Complete Solution For The New Trieste Harbor Logistic Platform

108. Sartori, M., Barone, S.

Alibeyköy And Kagithane Viaducts: Advanced Seismic Protection Solutions In High Seismicity Region

109. Barone S., Sartori M., Suryadi T., Zivanovic I.

Lead Rubber Bearings: a prominent application of EN 15129:2009 anti-seismic devices standard beyond Europe

110. Verma A., Sahoo D.R.

Collapse Fragility Analysis of Conventional and Staggered Steel Plate Shear Wall Systems

111. Verma A., Sahoo D.R.

Slow-Cyclic Testing of SPSW System with Floor Slab

112. Villalba-Morales J. D., Benavent-Climent Amadeo, Lopez-Almansa Francisco, Escolano-Margarit David

A heuristic approach for optimal design of brace-type hysteretic dissipators for seismic protection of framed buildings

113. Ulker O., Erdik M. O.

Retrofit of a 100 Meter Tall Stack Using Tuned Mass Supported On Seismic Isolators

114. Ulker O., Erdik M. O.

Structural Design Of The 430.000 Sqm Hospital Supported On 1552 Seismic Isolators

115. Gokce T. , Sahin B.., Sezer, B.

Determination Of Dynamic Properties Of Bowstring R/C Bridges By Using Ambient Vibration Measurements

116. Garrido C.A. ,  Fernández-Dávila V.I.

Seismic Response Evaluation Of Asymmetric Rc Buildings Isolated With Lrb And Tfp Systems

117. Noemi Bonessio, PhD, PE, Giuseppe Lomiento, PhD, PE

Cellular materials for seismic isolation

118. Du YF , Wang YL

Spectral characteristics of ground motion and analysis of dynamic robustness of base-isolated structures

119. Chen H., Chen Y., Tan P.

Response spectrum method for the design of isolated buildings

120. Cimellaro G.P., Domaneschi M., Warn G.

A new vertical base isolation system

121. Kammouh O., Silvestri S., Palermo M., Cimellaro G.

Crescent-shaped brace for structural control of buildings

122. Pourmasoud M.M., Lim, J., Hajirasouliha I., McCrum D.

A Multi-Directional Isolation System for Multi-Storey Buildings under Coupled Horizontal and Vertical Seismic Excitations

123. Zelleke Daniel H. , Saha S. K., Matsagar V.

Base-Isolation For Respose Contorl Of Buildings Under Multi-Hazrd Condtion

124. Lee B. H., Yeh F. Y., Chen C. C., Shiao S.Y., Chang K. C.

Influence of vehicle impact load on isolated bridge

125. Ahmad Fayeq Ghowsi

Pushover Analyses of Self-Centering Buckling-restrained Braced Frames of SAC Benchmark Buildings

126. Azinović B., Kramar M., Pazlar T., Kržan M.

Shear Response Of Isolated Angle Brackets For Cross Laminated Timber Buildings

127. Jian Wang, Jinping Ou

Hybrid control to enhance wind and seismic performance of twin tall buildings with a sky bridge

128. Dicleli M and Karalar, M.

Optimum Properties of Seismic Isolation Systems in Highway Bridges to Minimize Isolator Displacements or Substructure Forces

129. Dicleli M and Salem-Milani A.

Performance Based Design of Seismic Isolated Bridges in Cold Climates using Multi Directional Torsional Hysteretic Damper and Lubricated Flat Sliding Spherical Bearings

130. Zulfikar A.C., Yilmaz C., Nagaoka T., Takahashi O.

The Effect Of Long Period Ground Motions On High-Rise Buildings And Use Of Damping Devices

131. Júarez G.H., Rodríguez M.E., Gómez F.F.

Shaking Table Tests Of A Miniature Building With Friction Type Isolators


Performance of Steel Framed Buildings Equipped with Viscous Fluid Dampers under Near-Fault Ground Motions with Directivity


Comparative Assessment of the Efficiency of Seismic İsolation for Seismic Retrofitting of Highway Bridges in Regions of Low-to-Moderate Seismicity

134. Chaulagain Nabin Raj, Sun Chang Ho, Kim Ick Hyun

Seismic Fragility Analysis of Spherical Storage Tank with Simplified Finite Element Model

135. Bhandari M., Jain A.K., Shrimali M.K., Bharti S.D.

Seismic Performance Evaluation By Capacity Spectrum Method For Base-Isolated Frames


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